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We founded Huma in May 2018 with an ambitious mission:

To become the leading unmanned vehicle development and services company in Turkey.

The title “unmanned vehicles” is highly misleading in our industry as any business requires dedicated experts and a wide network of industry relations to be successful.

In a field that is developing rapidly with much room for technological improvement, we went beyond a focus on current trends and invested in our future. We have developed a sophisticated understanding of unmanned vehicles and combined that with a Turkey-wide network.

Assessing the needs of the Turkish market, we focus on three main areas: Smart Agro, Smart Cities and Smart Warehouses and have built market know-how, human resource and software development tailored to local needs to create the most value-added for our clients.


In the key industry of agriculture, we are working together with public and local authorities as well as farmers to provide automation services including data collection, analysis and spraying.


With an urbanisation level above 70%, we assist municipalities in coping with the increasing demands of their citizens by supporting their planning processes with our data collection and analysis capabilities.


Located at the cross-road of Eurasia, Turkey is a logistic hub. We provide warehouse automation services to help businesses that need to get ahead of the competition by increasing their logistical efficiency.


We have become the leading expert on unmanned vehicles solutions in our market. With our acute commercial perspective and expertise in automation technologies, we provide consultancy services to clients ranging from hotels to real-estate agencies keen to benefit from the remote sensing abilities of unmanned vehicles to increase their operational capabilities.


When we founded Huma, we noticed a general lack of understanding on how unmanned vehicles and drones in particular are used for commercial applications. There are many instances of unrecognised success stories as well as tests advertised as finished products. Huma Media uses all social media tools extensively to publish professional quality content on commercial drone applications.



Education is power. Any technology needs capable users to display its efficiencies. We started Huma Academy as a way to reach out to the public, popularise commercial drone use, get to know those interested and tell them of our vision. Huma Academy is a Turkish Civil Aviation Authority certified education center providing Commercial Drone Pilot Licenses for drones under 25kg.


With our HQ located at the heart of Istanbul and offices in Ankara, Izmir and Antalya, we have the capacity to reach all across Turkey efficiently.

It is not just our drones that are constantly moving. Every member of Huma’s team is constantly travelling across Turkey to service our clients.

Contact us now and let our experts share with you how we can service your particular needs in Turkey.

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